🇨🇿 2013–16 Microsoft Czech Republic

🇨🇿 2013–16 Microsoft Czech Republic

Dec 2013 – Dec 2016

Student Trainee (STC), Batch #2

As a Microsoft Student Trainee, I chose the programming and server administration track and became a student ambassador for Microsoft EDU solutions.

Minecraft EDU was a fun, novel way of teaching a variety of concepts and skills. I got to work on a couple projects that were subsequently used by the Education division for demo purposes at education fairs.

Office 365 was less fun, but still cool. I'm a devoted Excel and Outlook user now.

We also went in-depth into the Microsoft Office Suite with a number of Microsoft MVPs.

📖 Courses taken with Microsoft MVPs:

  • C# Advanced Course
  • SQL Server and Database
  • Public Speaking Course